The Stories

Voices from the community transcribed and shared here

“How I’ve navigated through the pandemic is keeping in touch with my friends and family. I’ve tried to get out of the house to do as many things as I can. I would also watch TV series to pass time.” (ML)

“By slowing down I was able to spend more time and go more deeply into the things in my life that arose as most important. I have had time to think. Very healing!”

“Man is but a small part of the wonder of earth and now we find the opportunity in these times to embrace that! Throughout the past year I have dreamt of the rebirth; of the continuation of growth of a world with equal access and joy for all creatures where all humans embrace the living planet as equals in unison!”

“My dream for the world is for news divergent/trans/nonbinary queer thinking witch and spiritual voices to be elevated, normalized and advocated for. My dream is an unmaking. Unmaking and remembering in order to move forward. I’ve been working on becoming more cultured with my own pace and writing through gratitude and self love.” Joy

“Navigated by search for magical mischief.”

“I came. I wrote. I tried to figure out if what I said was true; and then I did it all again with you.”

“I have grown immeasurably closer to my daughter. I toggle between adaptation and apocalyptic thinking. I see with uncomfortable clarity that the forces that divide us - deliberately to advance their own interests - are winning.”

“There was fear, then there was stillness, then the stillness offered breath and space for reflection. Then there was recognition of pain, collective wounding, breaking open and weeping. So much death. Internal and around, showing the gaps in our privilege and our pain. It’s allowing us an opportunity to break down systems and to rebuild something more sustainable. I hope we do.”

“Learning to sit with others in their (our) discomfort in these times, not with answers but with deep beingness….A difficult, powerful gift.”

“The friends are such that leave, not much hope for the future of our planet. Unfortunately I am not 100% optimistic and fear for our grandchildren’s future and the world they will inherit. Until love of money and greed is taken out of the human DNA, I don’t see much change for the better. I must say though that I applaud your work and wish you the best. Thank you.”

“I have learned to let go of the detailed and rigid plan and adapt to the moment at hand. This was so incredibly difficult for me, but adapting and choosing to move forward with hope is critical to a life well lived in this world.”

“Survival by thinking about the transitional forces at work for improvement of ourselves and our world and future. Skills - Patience, flexibility, strength. How to prioritize what is really important. Challenges - patience with conspiracy people and ‘trumpers’ etc - trying to understand. HOPE and Love for everyone - creative living.”

“Pandemic started terribly; I … highschool in 2020, experienced a lot of difficulty with online school. I think I spent the most time I’ve ever spent healing and reflecting during the pandemic. Even though it was hard, I really grew and came out a lot happier. I hope everyone can experience that.” Milla

“I liked the silence and the sounds of birds and insects and talking to the crows. I liked the emptiness….”

“My wife died so that says all I could ever say. Also some friends died as well. Kids are watching.”

“Shaky navigation made me realize how much I need friends. I’m in need of my original support group - my friends. Small groups working together to make small changes, spreading love and truth will begin to heal our broken world piece by piece.”

“I feel like I am weaving the fiber tight, full and close together. During the pandemic, the threads have felt loose. A lot of space in between and the shadows are there, unavoidable. It doesn’t feel sustainable unless there are many hands to weave it all back together instead of just mine.” Sayde

“I’m dreaming of a post COVID world where people show more gratitude and thanks for connecting to each other.”

“My dream for the world - rest, care, abundance, nourishment, not afraid, interconnected, celebrated, respect and dignity for all, play, joy, silliness, warmth, plenty and full of beauty. Challenges - solitaire with bad health, so hard to get help in this alone time.”

“During this pandemic I have felt some of the lowest lows but I have also felt some of my highest highs. Through art I have gotten closer to myself than ever before. I felt despair and even failed in my relationship but my career and dreams have never been better. I can only hope we can find balance.” (A Struggling Artist)

“Honestly navigating the pandemic has been really difficult for me and made me sink into my depression. My dream for the future of the world is to have a world where everyone is loved and cared for instead of excluded and discriminated against.”

“I took time to be slow, to focus on home and family. I re-watched favorite shows and re-read favorite books. I learned to value time to myself and appreciate social/friend time in its scarcity. I learned how to buy 2 weeks of groceries at a time. I played music and started learning a new language. I spent time outdoors as much as possible. I thought a lot about the future.”

“I have made it through the pandemic thanks to the literal and figurative sustenance of locally grown food, leaning on relationships and knowing that love has no boundaries or borders.” Saiyare

“I learned to sit with my trauma and grow sweet from it instead of remaining bitter. Embracing the freed up time in the garden doing meditative physical work. Most important was the time spent dreaming of the future and the work in front of me to prepare myself to build that future.” (Airti)

“To shift, change and adapt drew energy to do more than thought possible. Business then closed for months, 3 in early 2020, 2 more in late 2020. We made it work. I dream of corruption recognized, compassion emerging as our primal return.”

“Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.”

“Since I stay at home regularly, even before the pandemic, it was pretty much easy. But, I’ve learned to be much more patient/ask knowing I’m not alone. The skills I’ve learned for resilience by breathing and remembering not to give up.”

“I watched my youngest son live through Covid-19, well before the pandemic was acknowledged. My other son had a psychotic break and is still healing. I use compassion and mindful meditation to cope, as well as ancient herbs for health. My community garden donated 3,450 lbs of organic produce collectively to St Leo’s food bank.” 


“My dream is that we move further away from racism, colonialism and bio-devastation.”

“Family. Love.”

“1. I have navigated this pandemic by staying at home, and talking to people. 2. Rejection. New routine. 3. Everything. Study groups. 4. A world with systemic order.”

“I am on a river that is never still, we all are. The turbulence is no less no than 2020 but it is different and more hopeful.”

“I saw myself reaching. I saw myself spin. I had to ___ what was true for me, my people, my community. But most of all truth gurgled me forward.”

“I spent more time in nature and became more selective with whom I spent time with.”  (Lisa - 11/17/21)

“I had a poodle and a husband so I wasn’t alone during this. But I did neglect my health and ate lots of comfort food. I found the time was artistically fertile for me- painting and shooting photos. I miss getting together with my kids and have not done a good job of communicating with them, And that makes me sad and shy about initiating contact more often. I share messages of peace and hope and beauty on Facebook. It’s how I feel I can contribute to make things better for folks.” 

“Pandemic story. More like ‘Pandemic story. It was a good time to look inward though.”

“We found a family within our neighborhood.” Emily, Even and Maya

“We made it this far. 12/22/21 regardless of the many roadblocks put in place by the trump administration and the conservative minions. We will survive!”

“I had to admit my own fragility and vulnerability. I had to retreat, over and over; deep into liminal space. I had no choice but to live there, lost. All of the chaos and dark destructiveness of the times - not just covid - forced me to retreat, to wait, patiently. A loved one died, another is dying. Not covid - just more loss. A skill I developed - waiting. Letting grief roll through me. Despair as a freeing power. More clarity about the structures of power. A chance out of all this, to reinvent myself.”

“Trying to stay positive. Working, walking, reading, taking care of dogs. ‘What skills of resilience have you developed?’ Getting a new routine. Glad to be back at work. ‘Challenges?’ I’m OK. Mom was not. Being ill and isolated is hard on the elderly. ‘Dream for the world we can co-create…’ Quit complaining, go back to work. Try to find joy in everyday you live!” (Jennifer)

“I have navigated the pandemic by focusing on my art and myself/well-being. I have managed to improve multiple aspects of myself and stay safe whenever I go outside. I have faced the challenges of not being able to go many places, as well as social issues. My dream for the world is for there to be peace and no racism/sexism etc.”

“I haven’t really navigated myself through the pandemic. I just try my best to stay on top of things and be safe. I try to get my education as best as I can. Some challenges I have faced a set back in my education but I have been trying to get help in person as much as I can.”

“Since I was limited to my home I chose to start there. I thought of all the things I had wanted to do if I’d only had more time to spend. I hung bad art, I donated clothes, I did exercises, I read a lot! I quit smoking. :) I adopted a puppy. End of story.”

“I have navigated the pandemic with anxiety, but also deep pleasure in being able to be in my garden observing life, death and renewal all around me. I dream of a world with no capitalism and no plastic in the sea.”

“Since I was limited to my home I chose to start there. I thought of all the things I had wanted to do if I’d only had more time to spend. I hung bad art, I donated clothes, I did exercises, I read a lot! I quit smoking. :) I adopted a puppy. End of story.”

“I have navigated the pandemic with anxiety, but also deep pleasure in being able to be in my garden observing life, death and renewal all around me. I dream of a world with no capitalism and no plastic in the sea.”

“I’m not from your neighborhood. This is a wonderful idea! I walk my dog here because it is not safe where I live. 

My dream for the world: Income Equality. Affordable homes. 

My personal dream is to have a home like these. Thank you for sharing.” Katie and DeeZee


“I love reading what other people are up to and reading stories. Enjoy all living things they know they are trees, flowers, fish, humans…stay safe all. Enjoy.”

“Hello, my friends and I are very drunk. Go to Hobnob. We are all in the rain enjoying one another. This is a great bonding experience.”

“My heart belongs to none other than the big crow - black feathers, yes please.”


“Best friends met through best friends! Tacoma is a beautiful place and full of beautiful people. Thank you for looking/welcoming the stories!”

“Breathe. Breathe in the air. Don’t be afraid to care. Leave but don’t leave me. P.S. This is awesome!”

“Practically every day I find something more to love about Tacoma. Today it was a friendly dog and his duck.”

“Hello my name is Daniella and I’m a travel nurse. I’ve been here for 8 weeks and I’m in love. My home is back in New Jersey. I miss my family and friends a lot but I’m glad I took the leap. I’m 23 years old and can’t wait to see what else is in life for me. I hope whoever reads this is happy and doing what they love.”

“I love flowers.”

“Hattie went for a walk. Woosh goes the wind….”

“There is a lot to be grateful for. Appreciate your small joys and your big joys. Big adventures and accomplishments are important but don’t forget about the beauty in the mundane everyday stuff. It might help each day to be more enjoyable!”

“I see so much that worries me so many dark clouds on our horizon too little agreement that the problems we face are real but alone hard to solve them but then I read a note from a seven year old old and I feel HOPE” June 28, 2022

“This day has been a good day. Lately I”ve been strong to find myself so I’m really typing to be ok but you take one day at a time.”

“I got fired today after 4 years. Sometimes you outgrow a place and that’s okay. Life is good.”

“I hope and pray for all the hungry ghosts, the lost souls, the drug addicted. May you find peace, know true love and find your way home. You are so missed. You are so loved. As long as you breathe, you have a chance. Turn your feet around and come home.”

“Once there was a floating magic person in 2 park. EVeryone was kinda scared and did not want to approach. WOoligan Peeky was bold enough however, and well-named since Wooligan Peeky peeked into the floating magic person’s soul. The next day Wooligan found a free box of Lucky Charms on the front doorstep and was beloved until the end of time.”

“Coming out here tonite. Waiting on my miracle/blessing. Need 2 see my daughter with my own 2 eyes on my face. My beautiful daughter named Averiana May Rutishauser. I love you and need you like wings and oxygen.” xo Mommy

“Life is good when you can see beauty in the little things….Because this life seems difficult sometimes. My close friend and I watched the sunset tonight from 11th and Yakima. BEAUTIFUL! 

This existence is one to live. It is worth it. 

We are here. I know there was no choosing this existence, but it was meant to be. It does get bad, but it also feels really good too. It’s bliss as much as the opposite but what is life without duality?” 

“My dream! That there will be peace in our world! And everyone will be kind and help those who need the help.” Bobbie Sloan - New Neighbor

“Winners are losers that tried again.” Keoni

“Just came back from 6th Ave to say the Covid Pandemic was the best thing to happen to me. I have made amazing new friends and now have an amazing fiance who loves me for me. I never thought I would be where I am today 3 years ago.” Ihadence

“Would have been married 42 years today. But I’m not. Retired in September, starting a new life. Pandemic to me meant family. Daughter and 3 grandsons live with me. We spend so much time together now. Took a while to get used to it though. Makes me think this must have been what it was like 100 years ago on a farm where neighbors were not close by so you relied on your family - So that is my half full glass. Family.”  Rose

“Thank you for being so very Tacoma. This warms my heart and helps me show out of town friends what it means to love and be in community.” Rachel

“Imagine leaving your home at 12. No cell phones, traveling two states away - I did a book report on Washington state in 5th grade. I ended up here. No parents, just a bike, trusting every one. I learned quite a bit along the way. A lot of people much older than I taught me things I should never of known and some nice even older fellows reminded me of a god I once knew. You would never have guessed all I went through. I’m surprised I am even still here. I’m 49 - still a girl, no family, friends have died…. I walk with God. Alone. Smile to anyone and say ‘Hi.’” ~ Nena

“Remember….You can pick your nose. You can pick your friends. You can’t pick your family even if they try to push you down the stairs.”

“You are more loved than you could ever imagine.”

Some days, when I look around at my neighbors, tak with my community, I feel encouraged. Excited about what we dream and can achieve together. Invigorated by their/our wisdom and tenacity, critical eyes and wide imagination.

Other days, I look around and find it hard to see folks who are in tune with the world and committed to making it better for all of us. Hoping for more connections with like-minded (or just curious) folks. THere are more of us out there and we all have the capacity for growth.

Also, I’m dealing with my own grief, trauma, and loss lately. Super hard and lonely. But, we are not alone. Love to you, whoever you are! ~ Zoe

Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you try something new, you might find something nice. Piper

My dream is to have more peace in our hearts then spread it out to the world. ~ Kathleen

Hello my name is Trisha. I am 36 years old and I am homeless. I”ve been struggling for a job and places for 3 years.Because of Covid-19, I got it the first summer. I came back to Washington after being gone 11 years. I have seen a lot of things wrong as well as good being homeless. I know who my true friends are. I don’t wish this upon anyone. So hopefully reading this people may learn from it. ~ Trisha

I hope everyone is having an amazing day! I’m a UPS student that was out for a jog and stumbled upon this adorable stand! Thank you for whoever gets this because I think it’s the cutest thing! I hope everyone choses kindness today. ~ Unknown

The last time I walked down this street was some summer in middle school. Coming here now and seeing our community sharing stories and feelings is the best times in my life and seeing this and reading everyone’s thoughts and feelings and stories is so heartwarming.

I hope whoever is reading this is in the best time of their lives and will be soon. Look around and take in life once in a while. ~ Ye

Just finding this hive again! What a beautiful testament to the power of story and connection! Thank you for creating this! ~ Unknown

From an early age I went through a lot. It has been very hard for me recently and live. Been struggling with suicidal thoughts and depression. If you are going through something similar I care for you and hope you make it through. I love you. ~ Unknown

Life is a bit hard when you’re the only girl in a litter of 18. Being the only girl means you get respect like crazy. It’s kinda nice actually but I don’t have the best past. My mom died when I was 2, my dad was sent to prison for rape. I was adopted by my eldest brother. All my other brothers are out in the world.

Always keep moving forward. ~ Pixel

When things get dark look for the light. (Firefly light!)

I am a triplet and it can be hard to go unnoticed. I hope you know that you’re worthy and you should never let anyone believe your light doesn’t shine. You’re worth it.

I’m here with Dajona, my best friend in life, and times are pretty good. I know Dajona’s happen because she has Jaden and I’m excited for the future. February feels like a new beginning. These notes are the cutest! ~Savannah

Hi! I’m Crow. I’m 13 and looking for some more queer kids like me. I’m non-binary and go to Hunt Middle School. I love to read books and listen to music. I live around here and ride my bike some days. Feel free to write back. Also a bit of an Undertale Fan. :) 

My name is Eden and I wish to be everything everyone never thought I could be! Bless up or get blessed around. 

I was just sitting in a bar telling this story to a long time friend. She and I share the experience of living in the Bay Area. I feel that interesting things happen to us when we’re together. I was telling her that I don’t often join virtual services on FB. But yesterday my mom was attending a memorial service for a beautiful and radical woman from E. Kentucky, Helen Lewis. Helen left her vintage record collection to her grand nephew and she told him that one of her favorite songs was Season of the Witch. She used to sing it late at night in her garden. He had his band play the song during the service and everyone got up to dance. I could see my mom dancing. I sang along and danced around my room. I know Helen was there too. ~ Heather 

I’m a PhD candidate and am still largely dissatisfied with things. I desperately want to be an “artist” but have no idea how or why.

My name is Lulu and I play soccer at UPS - going on a walk on our day off from soccer!

My best friend for 8 years recently moved away and I am lost in life. Me and him always had the best times together. Ryan, I wish you well.

Sunny out - perfect for a walk!  

I have zero clue what I want to be, who I want to be with, where I want to live - all the W’s.

I’m turning 25 this year and I’m terrified! I should be doing more, or know more now. Eternally stressing, but reminding myself to enjoy the sun and the plus blossoms. Thanks for this project - it’s a fun find!

Hi, I’m Andy and I'm going to transfer schools next year and I’m so excited. My current middle school sucks but I’ll be going to Truman Middle School for 7th grade.

I’m on a walk with 2 of my best friends right now. I’m trans. I wish life was better right now. OUr whole country seems to be against us. My friends are really supportive though. If you need someone to talk to I”m free. My number is 253-732-2457

I hope my life gets a bit better. I want to have a future but don’t really know if I”m gonna make it that far. All my friends are planning on moving away or leaving and I just feel like I”m being left behind. I can barely eat and it’s hard to stop self-harming but I’m 20 days clean at the moment so that’s good. I am slowly getting better. Recovery can be hard but it’s worth it. I’m 13 years old.

I’m an Australian visiting Tacoma this week for my friend’s wedding. I had a look at several stories here and it’s so cool to see snippets of what other people are up to. I’m so glad we’re able to travel again and discover neat little things like this. It was total chance that I happened to decide to walk back to my AirBnB and stumble across this Story Hive.

Tacoma is a lovely palace. I’ve seen so many cute dogs walking through - and some chickens! The friend whose wedding I attended is someone I met on the internet over 15 years ago. It's amazing the people you can meet in the strangest circumstances and the ones who end up staying a part of your life. It’s worth holding onto the people who really connect with. You never know where you might end up seeing them again or where these connections might take you!

The sun is finally shining through chasing away the problems of the winter.

Hi! I’m 12 and go to the middle school around here. I just learned of this project and think that this is such a cool idea! The one that I read was so heartwarming that it made me cry. I want to remind people that you don’t truly know someone until they tell you about them.

I knew who I was yesterday but today I am not the same person. I can choose to embrace it or run from it. I am embracing it and feel no shame. I am loving myself and every minute of it. The terror, excitement, beauty and all it has to offer.

I love this spot. 

I just was fired. On Halloween, wearing a witches hat, with a cauldron of candy and a magic wand. And it was the best wish I could have asked for.

I am going to become a kindergarten teacher! A passion I have had for years!

If I can get your permission, I would love to create a version of story hive in our classroom!


Ride my bike to work and home and sometimes I roam. ~ Bert

Just 3 friends on a walk! We are all seniors at UPS, graduating in a month! Exciting! I’m not totally sure what will happen after graduation. Me and many of my friends will be living across the country from one another. But no matter what, I am excited to see what is in store for all of us. If yo’re reading this, keep going! An unknown future may be scary, but it is also an opportunity for new adventures! ~ A fellow neighbor

When I got here I was happy. And I am still happy.

                           MOM and DAD

She’s kind and he’s helpful. She helps her mom when she needs her. He makes great dinners and plays soccer, tennis and pickleball with me. She helps me with my homework and plays with me too. I love my mom. I love my dad. ~ James

Today I am hung over. My boyfriend yelled at me last night. He always yells at me when he drinks. I’m just simply happy. His loss.

I’m just a girl trying to make it in the world with my mom, brother and step sister. I like watching movies, hanging out with my brothers and sisters. REMEMBER! FAMILY IS MOST IMPORTANT!

My friends are a blessing to me. If I could do this all over again, I would do it in 2026.

Hi, I’m from St. Paul and I’m just visiting but I’ll be moving here next year! 

This is such a cool idea!

I am a Tacoma Police Officer. I hope y’all are having a good one.

I just got home from my first year of college. I go to school across the country and I’m debating transferring to UW because it was a really rough year. The school doesn’t have much community and is Arts specialized so it’s very competitive and it was hard to be so alone for the year. I was often lonely, leaving me to reflect. I found a lot of information inside myself but what do I do with that now? I feel that I have a purpose here but worry that I’m veering off the path.

Maybe I just miss my dog and the summer of 2021 and what it felt like to have a best friend. But it’ll be okay in a different way. I hope so at least.

I am 15, a freshman in highschool and I have very good friends. I just wanted to tell anyone reading this that I love you! I hope all and everyone has an amazing rest of their lives. Whatever is going on in your life, it’s gonna get lit!