Tacoma Story Hive

A community art project

On the corner of 7th and N Ainsworth in Tacoma, Washington, USA, Turtle Island  

This project began as a chat between neighbors across the fence in Pandemic spring of 2021.  We organized ourselves into a brainstorming and collaborative team the summer of 2021, building our story hive in stages, having tons of fun and getting to know each other along the way.  The last layer of color on the hive was completed in August 2022. We celebrated with a group chalk drawing (a temporary street mandala) in the center of the intersection to slow down traffic and create more positive energy in the neighborhood. 

Decisions about about our creative process and about our material execution of the project were made consensually. It was a very harmonious collaboration. 

Photos were taken by Jamie Frank, Beverly Naidus & Melanie Moor

Below: Dedication Ceremony in the Fall of 2021 

Bob Spivey (in the green rain jacket) led us in a Buddhist chant to protect our story hive, and folks brought their words and songs to the event, and we celebrated in the rain, and went inside to share food and the pleasure of each others' company.